Femco Digital Recent Work ON School Management

This website will create different accounts with different features for Teachers, Students, Parents, School Library, School Accountant, Sch Medical Department, School I.C.T Department, School Attendance, School Examination, Test Results tests, the school timetable, the office administrator and even transportation. Guild

This means that everyone will be Able to log in to perform their areas of responsibility from the website Frontend to their respective dashboard.

You can manage the notification, Messages in case of urgent notification to all parents, teachers, students, administrators and even all transport managers.

The student card will be integrated and will be generated with this website, from the frontend of the website which also Include the Library I’d card also.

Parents can Pay all Fees Online: if they wish to pay, they will enter the name of the student, Enrollment Number, class etc.
Once they have selected the student, the student details will be provided. They will see the outstanding fees and if they like they can pay the fees directly from home.

Parents will also be able to generate invoices, receipts from the frontend. Parents will be able to submit a leave request which will be received by the Teacher or class Administrator. Parents will be able to download the student Certificate from the frontend, parents can see if the child fails or passes.

(Live Class Schedule) (Exam Schedule) (Class Schedule) (Subjects (Events) All will be integrated and managed through the website. Emergency notice. Direct messages Email messages can be sent 📤 to all people affected by this website in a quick and economical manner.

Femco Digital

Transport: Driver, salary, itinerary, teacher assigned to transport will all be managed on this site. The inclusion of the teacher assigned to a particular transport will also be managed on this site. The medical service will be managed from the website, such as blood type, genotype, etc. Library: All books 📚 from the school will be integrated on this site. Including Reading Ticket 🎫, Library ID Card, Accounting: Invoices, Income, Sales, Expenses, Customer Invoice, Receipt etc will be managed on this site.

Femco Digital Recent Work ON School Management

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